Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

Over the past 13 years, my mom has been buying me things, taking me places, and just taking care of me. I chose to do my mom, Mindee, for my inspiration. My Mom is one of the best people in my life. 
My mom grew up in Ogallala, Nebraska. As a child, my mom had many memories. One memory of hers was going to Lake McConaughy to their cabin. There she remembers hanging out with friends and family. She also had a Scottish Terrier named Snuffie. They named Snuffie after Snuffaluffagus on Sesame Street. My mom also remembers when President Reagan was shot and when the Berlin Wall was torn down. When she was little, she always played school with her younger sister. 
Mindee works as a guidance counselor at O’Neill Public Schools. She used to teach in Lincoln before she got married. She has been teaching for almost 20 years in O’Neill. For college, she started out at a junior college in Kansas where she played volleyball. She finished her teaching degree at UNL and got her masters degree in elementary school counseling from UNK. How she knew she wanted to be a guidance counselor was from her elementary guidance counselor, Linda Lund. My mom remembers going to a career day and listening to her speak. That is how she knew what she wanted be.
What my mom has learned from school and life is to be organized and responsible. She said her greatest strength would have to be her relationships with other people. When I asked my mom about what she is most proud of she said her family. She wants to see her children grow up, graduate, get married, and to someday see her grandkids. Her message for kids is to stay in school and find positive people to have in your life. 

When you ask me why my mom inspires me there are many reasons. One reason why she inspires me is because of all of the things she does and has accomplished in life. Another one is that she is always there for me. That is why I chose my mom for my inspiration. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015



Guten Tag! That is how you say hello in Germany. If you have ancestors who come from Germany, you probably want to visit or learn more about Germany. Germany is located in Europe and its northern borders are the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Germany’s coordinates are 52.5167 degrees north and 13.3833 degrees east.  Today I will be informing you about the daily life in German towns, the ten top foods you should try if you go to Germany, and also give you information about Germany’s capitol city, Berlin.
You might think that in Germany they have the same daily life routines as we do, but it is actually very different than in America. In Germany, people speak German. However, there are two kinds of German you could speak, high or low German. In Germany, half of the people live in rented apartments in rural areas. Just like us, German kids have to go to school. But they only have to go to school from ages six to fifteen. The German people love soccer, or futball, like Americans love baseball and basketball.  Five million people actively play or support futball in Germany. 
One thing I would recommend when you visit Germany is to try some of their food. The number one food in Germany is wurst, or sausage. They have many types of sausage like bratwurst, wiener, blutwurst, schawarzwurst, and currywurst. You may also want to try Schnitzel which is a boneless cutlet of meat. A German food that would probably be my favorite is Schwarzwalder Kirschotorte or Black Forest cherry cake.  Other favorite dishes in Germany are Brezel, a soft white pretzel, and Sauerbratan, a pot roast that is cooked for up to ten days. Five other dishes you might want to try include: Rote Grutze, Dartoffelpuffer, Kasespatzle, Eintopf, and Apfelstrudel. 
Finally, I will be telling you about Berlin, the capitol of Germany. Berlin has a population of three and one fourth million people. Germany is a Non-Communist country, and Berlin is located in one of Germany’s 16 states. Berlin is also known for its huge film festival that is held there. During the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was built. This wall separated the Communist east part of Berlin from the Non-Communist west part. The Berlin Wall was torn down in November of 1989. 
As you can see, Germany would be a perfect vacation place for anybody. It might take a lot of planning, but it would be worth it. While you are in Germany, you can live the daily life of a German, eat some German food,visit Berlin, and explore the beautiful countryside! Auf Wiedershen (Good-Bye)!

Daily Life: Enchantment of the World Germany
by: Jean F. Blashfield

Article: Top 10 German foods with recipes 

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