Sunday, November 30, 2014

Name Poem

It means active, kind, funny
It is the number 22
It is like a happy bright color
It is like winning a medal
It is the memory of Sandee McCroden
Who taught me handwork and honesty
when she had to go to work
My name is Makayla
It means I'm unique in every way.

Acrostic Poem

Sun in your face
Out of the park
Fouling the ball
Throw a change up
Bunt to third
An amazing hit
Lead off to a base
Loud fans in the stands

Motivation Poster


Determination has many definitions, but what determination means to me is working your best to accomplish something. Many things can happen with determination if you won’t let failure in.
In the Movie,”Blindsight,” the kid’s family doubts that they can climb a mountain but all of them have the determination to do it. Another example is when Tashi is climbing the mountain and is tired and weak, but he wants to keep going because he has the determination to. One more example is when some kids are getting sick from the high altitudes but still wants to keep climbing even though their leaders tell them they can’t.

How determination relates to me in life is through sports and school. In all the sports I play I need determination to do it. Like if I want to get a spike, make a layup, strike someone out, or do a flip, I need determination for all of these. If you don’t have determination you won’t get anywhere in life.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

  American Freedom.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Whenever I say the Pledge of Allegiance I think about America, of our soldiers who are fighting and fought, and about freedom. When I think about freedom, three things come to my mind:what does freedom mean to me, how do we celebrate freedom, and the soldiers that fought for our country.
Freedom can have many definitions, but what freedom means to me is having different rights, not having a communist or dictatorship for our government , and being able to say and do different things. America has different rights that most countries do not . We are able to eat meat where some countries can not. We also have religious rights. We are able to choose what type  of religion we want.  Another thing we have  that I’m  thankful for is not having a communist or dictatorship for our government. In these types of countries, the people have no voice in their government’s decisions or rules, but in America the people do have a voice and can vote. Their president tells them to do certain things and makes all the rules, even when some people disagree. In America we  have the right of freedom of speech. Americans are able to speak up and fight for their  rights and can  post different things online. In other  countries things are different. In Iraq, people do not have freedom of speech. If they try to stand up against their government, they will probably be shot, and if you post something on-line and the group Isis doesn't like it, they might find you and hurt you. 
One big thing that makes us a country is the soldiers who fight for us. The soldiers that fight for us love our country and want to protect it from terrorist groups. These soldiers make sacrifices every day to save our country, and we should honor them for that. There are many different branches of our military that fight for us including the army, air force, navy, marines, and coast guard. 
We have many different celebrations for freedom. One is the Fourth  of July. On the Fourth of July we celebrate America’s  independence. We have parties that last long into the night and shoot off many different colorful fireworks. We wear red, white, and blue to represent the American flag’s colors.

When I think about liberty these three things come to my mind: what does freedom mean to me, how do we celebrate liberty, and the soldiers that fought for our country. We should be proud and grateful for our freedom.  America truly is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.