Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am video

Three things I learned from this project was, how to work  iMovie, Who I am, and that it takes a while to learn new things. iMovie was updated and way different from before. I had to learn it all over again and it got easier as I kept messing around with it. I also learned who I am. I have never really thought about who I am but this movie really made things clear for me. And the last thing i learned was it takes some time to learn new things. It took me a while to learn how to use iMovie, like I said before, but with some hard work and determination to get it done I figured it out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot day

What is learned from the book Dot is that you should always try new things. Vashanti didn't want to try until her teacher hung her picture up on the wall. She then went and experimented. She din't give up and she tried something new.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable School Day

 Have you ever had such a great day doing something for school that it doesn't even feel like it could possibly be school related. Well, in my elementary school there was a group called Soundsational Singers. You had to try out to get into this group, and in Singers we traveled around and sang to people for certain events.  One of my favorite places that we got to sing and perform was at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.
When we left on that trip, we had to ride on a bus. One of the worst things about riding on the bus was that we had to get up at 5 a.m. But something good about riding on the bus was getting to be with your friends. My friends and I chattered all the way there and we got to sit on comfy seats and watch movies. For fun on the bus, we dared each other to see who could stay in the bathroom the longest. The bathroom smelled horrible, and I refused to go in there.
  One of my favorite parts about this trip was getting to go to all of the fun places in South Dakota. One of the places we went to was to Reptile Gardens.  At Reptile Gardens, we saw a lot of snakes and different types of reptiles.  We also saw prairie dogs and some other animals too.  We went to a snake show and made Mrs. Jennings, our music teacher, touch a snake because she hates snakes. 
The next day, we went to Rushmore Cave. At Rushmore Cave, we saw where miners used to dig for gold, but instead they found a huge underground cave. We saw lots of stalagmites and different carvings in the walls. My favorite part about visiting the cave was when they turned the lights off to show us how dark it really was down there. 
Finally, we visited Hot Springs. In Hot Springs we went to a water park called Evan’s Plunge. The water in the pool comes from a fresh hot spring.  There are many slides there and a huge rope you can swing on. The pool has many little pebbles on the bottom of it.
But the real reason we went to South Dakota was to sing at Mt. Rushmore. When we got to Mt. Rushmore we changed into our uniforms to sing. We sang many different patriotic songs. A lot of people that were there stopped touring in the park to listen to us sing. Afterwards, we changed back into our regular clothes and then went to the gift shop. The gift shop looked like it had a million things in it to buy, from clothes to little keychains.  After everyone went to the gift shop, we all watched the light show, which is where they talked about Mt.Rushmore and then light up the monument.

Overall, the whole trip was amazing and we all loved it! Even though we had to miss the last day of school to go on this trip, no one really cared. I wish that I could go on that trip again. That is one of the things I miss about being in Singers. But sometimes school related things turn out better than you think.