Friday, August 29, 2014


My Bedroom

Here is my room. When I first walk into my room I see many different items. Some of my favorite treasures are the many different photos I have.  They range from sports pictures to my friends and me, and other events. These photos remind me of my favorite times from last year’s school events to this year’s softball season. I have many shelves full of different treasures, but some of my favorite treasures are my softball things. I have softball pictures, medals, and a softball signed by my Cornhusker State Games (CSG) team from last year. My softball pictures and other things are strung all around the room. Hanging from one of the shelves are my shimmering medals. From third place to first, these medals all hold different memories. These include winning silver medals in basketball and softball tournaments and the two gold medals we won at CSG. These medals mean a lot to me.

I also have a huge white dresser with a gigantic mirror. This dresser has six overflowing drawers that never want to close. On top of my dresser are more of my treasures that include more pictures, my earrings, and other items. Next to my dresser is a wall full of small shelves that have different treasures on them, including items from different states and countries. I have beaded jewelry and painted shells from Jamaica, a red and black sparkly mask from Louisiana, a keychain and a little glass cup from Puerto Rico, a wooden fan from Spain, and a little music box from Germany. Another special item of mine is a painted glass horse I got for my birthday. It is decorated with a Native American theme and has many different colors and tiny diamonds on it. Every one of the items in my room has a special meaning to me. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

six word story

         never quit,
                     always try again.